Sheet Size
• Largest Sheet size: 720mm x 1020mm (please call to discuss if sheet is larger than this)
• Smallest Sheet size: 100mm x 100mm

Grip and Lay
• 325mm x 455mm and below: 15mm Grip (to foil/emboss area) printed OFFLAY (offlay both sides if work and turn)
• Larger than 325mm x 455mm: 20mm Grip (to foil/emboss area) printed NEARLAY
• 720mm x 1020mm sheet: 25mm Grip (to foil/emboss area) printed NEARLAY

Cello and UV
• Foil will usually not adhere to UV ink and spot UV (if it is a requirement, needs to be tested)
• We can foil over the top of gloss and matt cello, but ensure the cello dyne level is correct for foil (discuss with your cello supplier).
• We can emboss UV, gloss cello and matt cello. If there will be matt cello on two sides, please leave job to cure for 24 hours in between putting the cello on the first and second sides, otherwise cello may lift after embossing.
• When foiling on two sides of the sheet with cello on two sides also, the foil may set off.

If supplying film:
Foiling: Letterpress Negative at 99.7% (emulsion up, right reading)
Embossing: Letterpress Positive at 100% (emulsion up, right reading)
Debossing: Call to discuss
If sending a file to us:
Email to
Send as PDF or (EPS with PDF)

Multi-Level Embossing
In order to make a multi-level embossing die we will need you to email to us at

• 1 x pdf (used for visual reference)
• 1 x .ai or .eps file - saved only in Illustrator 8
Please send ai / eps files that are compatible for PC (not Mac)

Saved in
- hairline / outline
- no filling, not even white
- not in text, but vectorised

If these things cannot be supplied then we will need either a printed sheet or a proof at 100%


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